Turret Machine

“Provides accuracy and repeat-ability, producing holes in panels or small stampings efficiently and without high tooling costs.”

Meeting your exact specifications is one of our top priorities. Regardless of the size of the component – from small shims to bus frames – getting the piece punched right the first time and every time is at the core of what makes QC one of the top metal fabricators in the country. Both of our turret punch machine models, the Amada Coma 567 and the Amada Pega 344 are reliable machines that provide straight-edge metal cutting on 60” x 120” size sheets in almost any shape needed. By generating up to 60 tons of force, these machines can produce runs from 1 custom piece to 10,000 high-quality pieces for any industry. Our turrets have produced ratchets for aircraft carrier plane tie downs, splash fins for pontoon boats, freezer liners and shelves, and many other metal components.
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