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“QC Metal Fab excels at personal service and the ability to provide superior engineering and design assistance.”
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The Lock'r
Because of the flexibility of our machinery, we can produce your order to meet your manufacturing schedule and budget at no added premium to you.
QC Metal Filter Capabilities
Customer Services
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With our QC Metal Fab trucks we are always ready to ship your custom metal pieces to you. We don’t let the size of an order stop us, so if you have a large order that won’t fit on our 8’x12’ or 8’x24’ panel truck, then we have an LTL shipping service ready to deliver your order.

Custom Orders
We love to do custom orders. It’s as simple as you and your design team telling us what you want and our experienced metal workers will help fulfill your order. From truck parts to metal art pieces, QC Metal Fab is always ready for custom work – to fit your needs!
All of our machines are tuned, adjusted, and inspected to make sure they meet your exacting specifications, regardless of the end product. We take pride in the precise nature of our machines’ tolerances. The following table shows how we maintain these standards:
Our employees are dedicated to getting the job done right – every time. Through our whiteboard scheduling system, each operator knows what’s going on and can accept additional steps (such as stacking parts) if it reduces overall labor costs.
Customer Service
We saved the best for last! Customer service is the life’s blood of our company. Since QC Metal Fab opened in 1983, providing the best customer service possible has been our goal. We take pride in meeting your needs and making sure you’re satisfied with your product.
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