Laser Cutting Machine

“Enables the production of accurate, beautifully finished, and shaped parts without the high tooling cost.”

When you are concerned about achieving the right tolerances for your metal components and don’t want to worry about inconsistent workmanship, laser cutting is the solution. Our HK PL 3015, 4000-watt fiber laser is a workhorse like no other. With two 5’x10’ shuttle tables, the laser cutter can cut any shape or profile (squares, rectangles, custom angles, etc.) through ½” steel and 3/8” aluminum. The high-efficiency laser can cut 1,600 inches per minute consisting of hundreds of pieces per sheet for high-volume jobs that need the precision you demand. The laser cutter can produce brackets for RVs, hinges for truck hoods, mounts for transmissions, frames for buses, and many other types of components.
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